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개인정보 수집 동의
Privacy policy Masteco Industry CO., LTD. (collectively, the “Company”) endeavor to protect personal information of their customers (“Customers”) and comply with all applicable privacy related laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Telecommunications Network Use and Information Protection, Etc. The Company’s privacy policy for Customers’ personal information (this “Privacy Policy”) may be amended pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, regulatory instructions and the Company’s internal policy. If the Company makes any amendment to this Privacy Policy, the Company will inform the contents and effective date of such amendments on this website in a timely manner.
The Company collects the above personal information only if customers’

The purpose of collection and use of personal information The Company processes personal information for the following purposes
- to verify user identification to comply with the real-name identification policy
- to handle customer complaints
- to keep records for dispute resolution purposes

Items of personal information collection The Company processes personal information, which are essential for customer support.
- Personal information provided: company name, personal name, email address, phone number
- Object of collecting personal information: Customers who voluntarily register his/her information via web page

Period of maintenance and use of collected personal information The Company processes and retains personal information during the period permitted by law or agreed by the subject of the information upon collection of his/her personal information.
- Period of retention and use of the personal information: 1 month