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폼세이프 (정량폼혼합장치)

폼세이프 (정량폼혼합장치)


● Water driven foam proportioner. No electricity required.
● Incorporating stainless steel for added durability.
● Keeping exact proportioning rate as set.
● Easy to install, operate and maintain.
● No time limit firefighting application with an atmospheric tank.
● Adjusting speed gearbox for stable operation of plunger pump in the range from minimum water flow rate to maximum water flow rate.
● The 3-way valve switch as foam releasing mode and flushing mode.




● Rotor Pump : Stainless Steel ● Plunger Pump : Brass
● Gear Box : Carbon Steel ● Strainer & Check Valve : Stainless Steel
● 3-Way Valve : Stainless Steel ● Piping : Stainless Steel
● Frame & Base Plate : Carbon Steel




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